Keep it clean – how to rid your rental property of mould

All the best property management firms in Perth have deep clean professionals on speed dial – because there’s nothing better than entering your new rental property with the fresh, citrusy notes of clean. However, there is an insidious issue that we have come across more than a few times in our 16 years of experience in property management services and that’s mould.

It’s not just creeping onto the crust of your week-old sourdough, mould can seep into your home in areas exposed to humidity or moisture and it has a particular penchant for bathrooms, and other rooms or cupboards with minimal ventilation and natural light. Sometimes, it’s not even visible and might be growing in wall or ceiling cavities. Left untreated, it can spread far and wide into carpets, linen, towels and even your beloved shoe collection.

Despite Perth having a mostly dry climate, the wet days of winter and suburbs near water sources (think lakes or the river) can create idyllic conditions for mould to set up camp. So, how do you know it’s there and once you discover it, how do you treat it?

Sniffing out mould

Some mould is easy to spot, with dark grey or green spores presenting on walls, ceilings or grouting between tiles. However, hidden mould behind walls can be identified by a general feeling of dampness that doesn’t go away or a musty, stale smell.

Whose responsibility is it to remove?

Firstly, it’s within the property management service realm, so contact your property manager to discuss when it might have formed and why. It’s possible you will be responsible if there was no sign of it prior to moving in, so consider whether you have left wet towels in a low-ventilation bathroom, or you rarely clean the inside of bathroom or kitchen cupboards which are often subjected to dampness and zero natural light.

If you’ve just moved in, another reason to immediately contact your property management team because the landlord absolutely needs to provide a reasonably clean property and assist in the maintenance to keep it that way. Another landlord responsibility would be to fix any leaks quickly, because if they’re left too long, it creates another perfect breeding ground for mould.

If it’s your responsibility – how do you get rid of it?

As we mentioned, the best property management in Perth will have excellent cleaners ready to go, so if it’s beyond your cleaning skills we are here to help. However, if you’re a tenant and wish to fix an issue you might have caused and the mould hasn’t spread too far, you can tackle mould with these steps:

  • Wear rubber gloves, long sleeves and a dust mask to protect yourself from touching or breathing in any of the mould
  • Scrub the mould off surfaces with soap, water and a scrubbing brush
  • Disinfect the area with a strong disinfectant such as hydrogen peroxide, undiluted white vinegar, bleach or Dettol
  • Create as much ventilation to the area to dry it out and remove the disinfectant fumes
  • Throw out any household items such as towels or linen that already have mould

Get on top of mould as quickly as possible! Like most things, prevention is better than cure, so keep those potentially damp and dark areas of the home clean, well-ventilated and open as much as possible! If you need more advice on Mount Hawthorn property management (and surrounds), contact our director Diana Patrascu on 0402 888 550 for a chat.

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