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D Residential are different and there are so many reasons to choose them for your Perth property management needs.

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Trusting and transparent

With transparency comes trust, with trust comes relationships and with relationships comes understanding and open, honest communication. 

This all lends itself to a successful working relationship to enable you to fulfil your lifestyle expectations and have peace of mind when it comes to your investments.

This is only the beginning of the D Residential difference.

Proactive and professional

When you engage someone to manage your investment property, you expect your properties to be just that, managed. And preferably, not simply managed but managed with care and attention to detail, which is exactly what you can expect from D Residential.

Choose D Residential, and gain peace of mind knowing your property manager will be proactive and professional, so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Experienced and qualified

Diana and the D Residential team are highly experienced and qualified with qualifications in Property Management Registration, Sales Registration and Triennial Certificates. So, you can rest assured that you’re not only in capable hands, but that your property manager is compliant with Real Estate and Business Agents Acts too.

Personal and flexible

At D Residential, the service is always personal, because you’ll always deal directly with Diana, the director and licensee.

Along with this comes the added advantage of flexibility, working with you and coming to you when you’re short on time.

Live local, support local

Diana is based in Mount Hawthorn and has lived in Perth for over 30 years. This gives her personal insight into this unique area and its surrounding suburbs, properties and lifestyle.

Living local, supporting local.

Gold Seal Service Guarantee

D Residential provide a Gold Seal Service Guarantee.

If you’re unhappy with the service at any time, notify your property manager in writing and if the matter isn’t rectified to your satisfaction within two business days, you’ll receive two months’ management fee free.

When you trust the management of your property to D Residential, you’re trusting a Gold Seal Service Guarantee.

D Residential know they can deliver – that’s their promise and their difference.

Service and Software

You’re not in the Stone Age anymore and neither are D Residential.

D Residential keep in touch with current technology, so along with exceptional service you’ll have the convenience of easy to navigate software, electronic forms and no paper or printing in sight. Convenient and good for the environment too.

There are even more reasons to choose
D Residential.

Want to discover what they are?

As a highly self-motivated and energised individual, excited by challenges, seeing them as an opportunity to learn, grow and be the best she can be, Diana is unlike any property manager you’ve met before.

From your first interaction with Diana, you’ll experience her strong commitment to developing complete customer awareness and satisfaction.

You’ll experience her belief inbuilding trust and delivering transparency, as well as her genuine desire to help. Behind this brilliance is over 15 years of knowledge, education and first-hand experience within the Perth real estate industry, specialising in property management.

This is backed-up by her qualifications, Property Management Registration, Sales Registration and Triennial Certificate.

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Discover service & expertise you can trust