A. Lamichhane

Diana would always respond to me promptly with any of my questions. She handled our deal very well and also helped me manage the ongoing lease that was in the property. I would totally work with her again. Highly recommended.

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The difference between real estate agents and property managers

How many times have I been labelled a real estate agent? Countless! The real estate and property management industries are often lumped together as there are many crossovers, but it’s important to understand the different services they provide. So, I wanted to use this blog to clear up how my services as a property manager […]

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Eight ways to spot an unprofessional property manager – and how to break free

With the current rental shortage in Western Australia, having a good property manager will give you a huge boost to ensuring your investment is in the best possible position thanks to their market knowledge and expertise. I’m working with my clients to create positive relationships with their tenants while maximising their investment return, which takes […]

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Top tips to help property investors prepare for tax time

Gather up your paperwork everyone, it’s every accountant’s favourite time of year – tax time! It can be a headache for those of us not quite as well-versed in all things tax but it’s vital to have all your details correct as mistakes can be very costly for property investors. Ideally, find a tax agent […]

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