D & T. Mitchell

Diana has gone way over and above what would normally be expected of and agent to ensure a swift and successful sale of our property
We are living interstate and wasn’t expecting it to be so easy to sell a tenanted property without being nearby. Diana worked so well with the tenants and provided regular communication to keep us in the loop every step of the way. She had excellent knowledge of the market and was so proactive throughout the process
Would highly recommend D Residential

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5 Tips before you begin

Thinking of investing in property? Our top five tips before you begin… Property investment can be one of the most financially rewarding decisions you could make… if you do it well. It’s important to understand risks around any investment and to set up strategies to give yourself the best outcomes. With 16 years industry experience, […]

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Five habits I’ve learnt in 2020 that I’m keeping

The impact of COVID-19 on the world has been immense in so many ways and some industries will never be the same. Real estate is certainly one of those and I think we’re all still adjusting. Now, I’m in the process of designing my business to reflect the lessons I’ve learnt in 2020 because all […]

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Top qualities of a great tenant

Right now, property investors are sitting in the box seat. Renters are knocking down the doors at D Residential Group to find a place to call home. As a property manager, I guide my clients to look beyond a good credit score (which is of course, still important!) on their quest to find a long-lasting, […]

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