Top qualities of a great tenant

Right now, property investors are sitting in the box seat. Renters are knocking down the doors at D Residential Group to find a place to call home. As a property manager, I guide my clients to look beyond a good credit score (which is of course, still important!) on their quest to find a long-lasting, great tenant to rent their property. If you’re one of the many people trying to find a rental property, here are the qualities we’re looking for in future tenants.

You pay your rent on time
The ability to pay rent doesn’t always equate to paying it on time, we’ve discovered. This is your most important role as a renter and not doing so can financially set back your landlord in ways you might not have imagined. The best way is to schedule weekly or fortnightly payments straight from your bank or talk to your property manager about good software options. We understand, especially in 2020, that sometimes money can be tight in which case we recommend you always be honest with your landlord.

Keep it clean
When we said no pets, that includes cockroaches (cockroaches also not welcome when dogs and cats are, #sorrynotsorry). Keeping your rental clean not only makes it a nicer place for you to live, it also gives your landlord the right to withhold some of your deposit or bond. While there might be wear and tear over time, do your best to maintain the house as if it was your own (and for the time being, it sort of is!).

Keep your landlord in the loop
If you do have any maintenance issues, the best part about not owning the joint is you don’t have to pay for it! You do have to let your property manager or landlord know as quickly as possible, though because a small problem can turn into a much bigger, expensive exercise if left too long.

High maintenance equals high turnover
Constant complaints is tiresome for the most patient of landlords, so if you can fix the small issues within the terms of your lease, you’ll come off smelling like roses. Many landlords have more than one property, alongside other elements of life such as family, career and hobbies… While a good landlord will do their best to make your property comfortable, you’re probably not their sole purpose in life.

New housemate, who dis?
Your lease agreement needs to be signed by your landlord and anyone over the age of 18 living in the property. While we’re so happy for you if you’ve found your soulmate, keep your landlord updated with any new, long-term residents.

Here for a good time AND a long time
Staying in a rental long-term (especially if you’ve paid heed to the above tips) will make life much easier and less expensive for your landlord. So, when you’re lease agreement is nearly up make sure you check in with your property manager and renew your lease, pronto.

Follow through with your lease agreement
Following rules in life can be tedious and some are meant to be broken (like licking your ice cream bowl or eating Nutella straight from the jar #guilty), but your lease terms are worth sticking to. Most lease terms are reasonable, forbidding illegal activity and any antisocial behaviour. Breaking them not only makes bad friends with your current neighbours, it also means your landlord has the right to kick you out with no warning. So if pets aren’t allowed and loud music has a late night curfew, be an epic tenant and follow the rules.

Consider renter’s insurance
We’re optimists here and we hope this won’t happen to you, but break ins happen and things get broken or stolen. So, we advise a good renter’s insurance to protect you if things go wrong and it also looks really good for the landlord who doesn’t want to be left with bills you might be unable to pay if things go really wrong. Back yo’self.

If you want to discuss properties for rent in Mount Hawthorn and surrounds or purchasing an investment property, contact me for a chat.

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