Top tips for tenants in Perth – how to stand out in the crowd

It’s a tough time to be in search of great properties to rent in Perth, with queues at inspections in my local area of expertise Mount Hawthorn often extending beyond 50-metres. You need to stand out and prove that you’ll be an exceptional tenant. So, here are my best tips to successfully renting in Perth – I’ve got your back!

Be prepared
First in, best dressed is sage advice in this current market. Get ahead by treating the inspection like a job interview (for a job you really want, too). Be punctual, polite and dress well. First impressions count because you’ll probably only get one – so dress like a tenant who will look after the investor’s property like their own.

Complete the application in full
If the property manager has to chase you to fill out an incomplete form, they probably won’t! It could be the difference between you and another good tenant – so go through your application thoroughly and answer every question. No gaps. All the words. Complete application gets the destination… we even made you a rhyme. Now you know how important it is. Fill out ALL of that form.

Disclose everything
We get it, it’s not ideal you adopted Brutus the Rottweiler just weeks before your current rental gave you notice (we hope it was just a coincidence, poor Brutus). However, being dishonest to score your next home will not end well for anyone because if they discover your secret, you’ll find yourself in hot water and potentially breaching your contract. Be upfront and ideally, consult with a respected property management expert (call me 0402 888 550) so I can help find the right place for you (and Brutus).

Prepare and provide verifiable references 

Here’s where good friends, family and workmates come in. Line up your most trusted, loyal and well-spoken friends who will vouch for you when the property manager calls for a reference. Personal and employment references should be lined up and prepared for the call well in advance, so you’re on the front foot when your ideal property comes up. Pro tip: Do not enlist the help of your mate who ‘never answers the frigging phone’ while your dream property lands into the lap of the next prospect.

Find a trusted Perth property manager
If you want to really jump that queue, put your name down with local rental property experts who know what’s available, what’s coming up and want reliable tenants like yourself on their books. Give me a call or email me to talk through your options.

Good luck, the right property for you is out there but it might take some more effort and better connections right now.

On the flipside, it’s an excellent time to have an investment property in Perth, especially suburbs surrounding the city centre. If you would like to add to your property portfolio and find a place tenants will queue for miles to rent, contact me and I’ll share more on my local property management expertise. 

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