Welcome to the team, Anja Hegermann

At D Residential headquarters, we have been expanding. In March, we welcomed a new team member into the role of marketing coordinator and could not be more thrilled to have Anja Hegermann onboard.

I was tempted to advertise ‘must love dogs’ upfront as Fred the Cavoodle is a key team member at D Residential, but I held back. Thank goodness, Anja immediately confessed her number one love is dogs! Her foot was already in the door at this point, and then her qualifications and experience bowled me over. We feel so lucky to have her working on the marketing side of the business.

Anja understands people first and foremost with her psychology degree providing her with great insight into why people behave the way they do. I believe our clients emotional needs will be completely taken care of with Anja’s input. On top of that, Anja’s creativity was developed with a degree in graphic design and advertising – so not only does she understand what people want, she knows how to make everything look amazing.

The past five years, Anja has been working as a freelance photographer across Perth, directing photo shoots with models, makeup artists and stylists. She still teaches dance after many years training in classical ballet and loves the opportunity to support young dancers chasing their dreams.

We asked Anja what excites her most about working at D Residential, here’s what she told us.

“Diana and I hold many of the same values in terms of supporting your local community and supporting other women in business,” Anja said. “It’s important to me that female-lead businesses are supported and celebrated.

Diana is really passionate about her job, she has a wealth of experience in the real estate industry and she’s also a really kind person.”

I’m excited to use all my experience to create some amazing marketing projects with Diana. Oh and working with Freddy of course, I love all animals, but I really love dogs!”

Make sure you say hi to Anja next time you’re visiting the D Residential office or social media sites. Anja, we are thrilled to have you and can’t wait to see what you create!

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