Welcome to the team, Cassidy Martin

The team at D Residential Group continues to grow, and in June we welcomed a new team member into the role of Assistant Property Manager. We could not be more delighted to have Cassidy Martin join our team.

Cassidy’s bubbly and easy-going nature is infectious. She prides herself on being well organised, punctual and motivated. The team at D Residential definitely appreciates her great work ethic and she is super quick to learn all things property. She loves to finish her day knowing all her tasks and work is finished – and we love that drive!

Originally Cassidy is from Busselton, and moved to Perth a year ago. She was working in a FIFO role, and decided to make the change and start a long-term career in Real Estate. That’s when she decided to apply for the assistant Property Manager role at D Residential Group!

Cassidy has always had a passion for architecture, from historic and character architecture, to modern and minimalist architecture. We can see why working in property is a draw card for her – because in Perth you definitely get to see the best of both worlds! And who better to lead her through and show her the property management ropes than our Director Diana!

Although Cassidy lives in Perth, she likes to experience and be a tourist in her own city. She loves seeing new places and trying different and new restaurants, especially desserts. And like the rest of the team, Cassidy is a sweet tooth – so she fits right in! At lunch you might find all of us on the hunt for a sweet treat at one of our local patisseries.

Cassidy also loves all things beauty – from skincare to hair care – she is devoted! It definitely shows because Cassidy always looks flawless.

We asked Cassidy what excites her about her new role and working at D Residential Group, and here’s what she said.

“I’m excited to meet all of our clients and tenants as well as building long term relationships with them all. I am super excited to complete my property management registration and work hard towards managing my own portfolio in the future.”

Next time you’re visiting the D Residential office, make sure to say hi to Cassidy. We are so excited to have you on our team and grow with us!

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